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Drone Methane Detection - Pergam TDLAS with UgCS Software

Drone Methane Detection - Pergam TDLAS with UgCS Software

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Prices posted are estimates. We create packages to suite your mission specific needs. Please contact RMUS at the number at the top of the page or email  We can create a customized quote so you can issue a purchase order.

RMUS offers the RTR HERA NDAA compliant drone aircraft integrated with the Pergam TDLAS or the DJI M350.

Please be aware, this solution also include UgCS software for mission planning and creating a detailed deliverable map showing methane concentrations.  Our team will help set up the right bundle for you.


  • Lightweight laser-type methane gas detector based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS)
  • Measures methane concentration once per second to get the optimal data resolution Automatic testing and calibration during the startup ensure reliable data quality
  • Best Conditions for Inspection: Overcast; no snow, ice, or water; and light crosswind 
  • Logs the Laser Falcon measurements in geotagged form (CSV and LOG format)
SPECSDetected gases: Methane (CH4) and gases containing methane (i.e., natural gas)
Sensing range: 1 – 50 000 ppm*mDetection distance: up to 100 m (up to 328 ft)
Deliverables: CSV file containing time, leak concentration, and leakcoordinates; visual reports with maps overlaid by methaneconcentration distribution chartsPayload weight: < 1 kg (<2 lbs)Recommended flight altitude: 20 - 30 m (65 ft) AGL
Recommended flight speed: 2 - 4 m/s (5 to 9 MPH)

Why purchase a Drone Methane Detection Solution. from RMUS?Contracts - Sourcewell and State Contracts to expedite the purchasing processExperience - RMUS is celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2024. RMUS HUB - Online training, operator certification tracking and documentation to supplement clients' existing training programs.Virtual Demos - Our team meets with your decision makers for final approval of purchase.  This method has proven to get product in your hands much faster.Reputation - RMUS is known globally for innovations, advice and client support.

The RMUS Way - All systems we offer have the option for:
  • RMUS System Calibration and Inspection by Manufacturer Certified Technician
  • RMUS Equipment Registration and Labeling
  • RMUS Drone Fleet Management powered by Airdata Software
  • RMUS TechConnect HelpCenter - Get Support
  • All systems include RMUS HUB - Free Access
Details for these services provided to clients upon request.

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