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Real Time Robotics

Realtime Robotics HERA - NDAA Compliant Drone

Realtime Robotics HERA - NDAA Compliant Drone

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RMUS and Realtime Robotics (“RtR”) collaborated to create a highly capable, yet portable drone package built on RtR’s HERA platform. 

U.S.-owned Realtime Robotics designs and manufactures its drones in-house, including airframes, electronics, payloads, ground control stations, batteries, chargers, control firmware, and analytical software.

Carry out missions on short notice with our unique hardware and payload bundle. The Hera deploys in under a minute, is small enough to fit into a backpack with battery and camera, and sturdy enough to lift a 33-pound (13-kilogram) payload. There's ample space for four payloads and concealed landing gear ensures 360-degree visibility for each payload.

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