Volarious V-Line Tether for DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise and Autel Evo Max 4T

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  • Product Description

      The Volarious V-Line Pro tether comes with its latest autonomous take-off and landing features and is made possible with a single tap in the V-LINE App. Empowered with intelligent AI technology, the precision launch and land your drone with centimeter level accuracy.

      Remotely track and monitor the overall tethered drone system via the V-LINE App. Displaying key parameters and relevant statistics of the tethered drone system to effectively manage and optimize the drone operation according to the conditions of external environment such as restricted flying zone boundary and external wind speed.

      RMUS offers the V-Line system for the Mavic 3 enterprise, M30 series and Autel Evo Max 4T.

      These systems require a power source.   We recommend a 2000 + watt generator.  There is a small tether attachment hook that needs to be mounted on the drone, prior to tethered operation.  Please contact us for configuration recommendations.