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Sony ILX-LR1 Camera Body

Sony ILX-LR1 Camera Body

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Please note, prices shown are for marketing purposes. RMUS can tailor a package to suite your mission specific needs.  We can help select the lenses you will need for your missions and offered a bundled price. Please contact RMUS at the number at the top of the page or email  We can create a customized quote so you can issue a purchase order.

The Sony ILX-LR1 Camera is a 1.38 in full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor with approximately 61.0 million effective pixels offers extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range. Operating in real-time, the advanced BIONZ XR™ image processing engine delivers natural gradations and realistic colors with low noise for stills and movies. With high resolution, low noise and wide dynamic range imagery, the ILX-LR1 can reveal the finest details like small scratches and cracks during inspection, investigation, surveying and mapping. A wide ISO range of 100-32000 allows the camera to operate in most daylight conditions.

Lens Suggestions - Please call with questions.   Lenses are fairly inexpensive and can be interchanged on the camera, so its worth getting multiple lenses for different missions.

  • Mapping Lens - Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G
  • Inspection Lens - Sony FE 40mm F2.5 G
  • Inspection Lens - Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G
  • Stand Off Inspection Lens - Sony FE 85 mm f/1.8 Lens 
Specifications? - Please refer to ILX-LR1 page here.Why purchase the Sony ILX-LR1 Camera from RMUS?Contracts - Sourcewell and State Contracts to expedite the purchasing processExperience - RMUS is celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2024. RMUS HUB - Online training, operator certification tracking and documentation to supplement clients' existing training programs.Virtual Demos - Our team meets with your decision makers for final approval of purchase.  This method has proven to get product in your hands much faster.Reputation - RMUS is known globally for innovations, advice and client support.The RMUS Way - All systems we offer have the option for:
  • RMUS System Calibration and Inspection by Manufacturer Certified Technician
  • RMUS Equipment Registration and Labeling
  • RMUS Drone Fleet Management powered by Airdata Software
  • RMUS TechConnect HelpCenter - Get Support
  • All systems include RMUS HUB - Free Access
Details for these services provided to clients upon request.  Gremsy Pix LR Gimbal Information:Pixy LR is designed for the Sony ILX-LR1, providing professionals with a specialized payload for high-quality imaging and seamless aerial operations in industrial applications.
GENERAL Built-In Functions
  • 1. Operation Modes
    • ON/OFF
    • Lock mode
    • Follow mode / Mapping mode
  • 2. New generation IMU Sensor
  • 3. Gremsy Specialized Gimbal Drive Motors with Encoders (Encoder 14 bits)
  • 4. Sony USB-C 3.0 connection built-in
  • 5. Gimbal Mavlink Protocol supported
  • Sony ILX-LR1
 Supported Lens
  • Lens 35mm - SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F
  • Lens 16mm - SELP1635G (testing)
  • Lens 28mm - SEL28F20
  • Lens 55mm - SEL55F18Z
  • Lens 85mm - SEL85F18 (photography only)
  • Lens 24mm - SEL24F28G
  • Lens 50mm - SEL50F25G
  • Lens 40mm - SEL40F25G
 Supported Drones/Flight Controllers
  • Hardware plaform: Pixhawk, CubePilot, Skynode, M600, Airpeak
  • Autopilot platfrom: Ardupilot, PX4
  • Static current: 7.5W
  • Dynamic current: 8.8W
  • Locked motor current: 80W
  • (*Operational Condition with G-drone and camera lens SEL85F18)
 Operating Temperature
  • 32° F ~ 122° F (0° C ~ 50° C)
 Gimbal Weight
  • 495g/1lbs
 Gimbal Dimension (DxWxH)
  • 140 x 115 x 200 (mm)
  • Pixy S/LR damping
 Gimbal Mount
  • Bottom
 Quick Release
  • Hyper Quick Release V3.0
 AUX Signals
  • 4 signals
 Input power
  • 17 - 52VDC
  • Micro USB, USB-C (3.0), CAN, UART, SBus, Micro HDMI
WORKING PERFORMANCE Angular Vibration Range
  • ±0.02°
 Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed
  • Pan axis: 180°/s
  • Tilt axis: 180°/s
  • Roll axis: 180°/s
 Mechanical Endpoint Range
  • Pan axis control: ±326°
  • Tilt axis control: +50° ~ -140°
  • Roll axis control: +50°~-274°
 Controlled Rotation Range
  • Pan axis control: ±320°
  • Tilt axis control: +40° ~ -120°
  • Roll axis control: ± 40°
CONTROL Camera Data Transmission
  • Sony Camera USB - USB-C 3.0
 Gimbal Control
  • UART (Com, USB), Can (LB2), SBus, PPM
 SDK Supported Platform
  • gSDK, Gremsy Payload SDK, MAVSDK
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