Pix4D Fields - Software for Aerial Crop Analysis and Digital Farming

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  • Product Description

      Precision agriculture mapping using images from drones and UAVs


      Bundle with Sensefly eBee X with multispectral sensor or DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral and save 50% per year on the software.

      The only digital agriculture software focusing on reducing the speed of processing while incorporating the highest accuracy standards backed up with years of scientific research.

      In-Field Results
      Create maps rapidly (no internet connection required) for faster decision making and action, without leaving the field.

      Reliable Maps
      Always get maps of your fields and crops at any critical stage regardless of satellite availability and cloud cover.

      Trusted Results
      Eliminate guesswork by analyzing crop health maps and measure issues using calibrated multispectral or full resolution RGB images.

      Connect your data to platforms like the John Deere Operations Center, synchronize and access your data in-office and in-field for streamlined collaboration.