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  • Product Description

      The new Parrot Anafi USA is a compact, highly advanced UAS with a three (3) camera payload system (high-zoom RGB, wide-angle RGB and thermal) designed for Public Safety and Industrial Inspection applications. Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA.

       Parrot Anafi USA Specs

      Encryption and Security 

      - Same high-end security, durability and imaging capabilities as Parrot’s Short-
      Range Reconnaissance (SRR) drone designed for the U.S. Army
      - Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA
      - AES-XTS algorithm with a 512-bit key length
      - SD card encryption, for complete protection of photos and videos if the drone is
      - Secure WPA2 Wi-Fi connection
      - Signed firmware prevents any malicious modification of the drone’s software
      - Use of trusted standards and open protocols such as Wi-Fi, WPA2, RTP/RTSP,
      H.264, and GUTMA
      - GDPR compliant - no data is shared by default without the consent of the user.
      - Anonymous flight data stored in secure European servers - local copies on the
      drone’s SD card

      Triple Camera System

      - A CMOS 1/2.4’’ sensor and EO (electro-optical) tele-camera for a 32x stabilized
      zoom and stealth observation capabilities
      - A CMOS 1/2.4’’ sensor and EO wide camera for visible spectrum short range
      - A FLIR Boson® 320 longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera: 320x256 resolution,
      50° HFOV, temperature range -10 °C to +150 °C                                                            - Records visible and thermal photos and videos (video quality: 1280x720p in
      thermal spectrum / up to 4K HDR in visible spectrum)
      - Hybrid 3-axis stabilization (2-axis mechanical stabilization and 3-axis digital
      - Gimbal tilt range from -140° (beyond nadir) to +110° (over zenith)
      - Replay, edit and analyze thermal media from the drone on the device, without

      Zoom Examples

      Parrot Anafi USA Zoom

      Parrot Anafi USA 32X Zoom Example

      Rapid Deployment

      - The drone unfolds, powers on and connects securely to its controller in less than
      55 seconds
      - No GPS synchronization required to take off: flies perfectly indoor and in
      obstructed areas
      - Hand launch and hand landing features for difficult terrain
      - No built-in geofencing/GPS-restricted flight areas
      - Quietest drone in its class: sound level of just 79 dB when it is at 50 cm off the
      - Standard USB-C charging
      - Weighs 1.1 lb (500 g)
      - Flight time of 32 minutes – best in class for a drone of its size

      Ruggedized IP53 Rating

      - IP53 (5 against solids: dust protected / 3 against liquids: sprayed water and rain
      - Stabilized imaging ensures high-quality footage even at 15 m/s wind conditions

      Improved Flight Features

      - Powered by a new version of FreeFlight 6, ANAFI’s acclaimed piloting software
      - Fly by coordinates in assisted framing or full autonomous flights: define points
      of interest (POI), waypoints (WP) and landing points with their satellite navigation
      coordinates (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO)
      - Create a flight plan with pre-set automatic flights and target-tracking
      - Editable “Return to Home” (RTH) feature

      Software Ecosystem

      - Open source SDK (Software Development Kit) for application developers
      - Compatible with the industry-leading mapping software Pix4Dreact (2D mapping)
      - Natively compatible with Survae (intelligent video, image, and data platform),
      DroneLogbook (operation and fleet management), Kittyhawk (security and
      compliance for enterprise UAS operations), Dronesense (the all-in-one platform
      for public safety operations) and Planck AeroSystems (landing on moving vehicle)

      Parrot Anafi USA Package Includes:

      -Parrot Anafi USA quadcopter

      -Tablet holder

      -Three (3) batteries

      -Multi-port USB charger

      -Four (4) USB-A/USB-C cables

      -Set of spare propellers

      -Remote controller

      -Hard case 


      • Weight: 485 g / 1 lb
      • Maximum transmission range: 2.5 miles (4 km)
      with the Parrot Skycontroller 4
      • Maximum flight time: 32 minutes
      • Maximum horizontal speed: 33 MPH
      • Maximum vertical speed: 6 m/s (21.60 km/h
      or 13.42 mph)
      • Maximum wind resistance: 14,7 m/s (52.92 km/h
      or 32.88 mph)
      • Service ceiling: 6.000 m above MSL (Mean Sea
      • Optional altitude fencing & geofencing
      • Operating temperature: -32F (-35°C) to 110F
      • No take-off temperature limitation
      • Manage your data privately between drone and
      device OR share anonymous data on secured
      European servers

      • Size folded: 252 x 104 x 82 mm (9.92 x 4.09
      x 3.23”)
      • Size unfolded: 282 x 373 x 84 mm (11.10 x 14.69
      x 3.30”)
      • Satellite navigation: GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO
      • Barometer and magnetometer
      • Vertical camera and ultra-sonar
      • 2 x 6-axis IMU
      • 2 x 3-axis accelerometers
      • 2 x 3-axis gyroscopes

      • 2 Sensors: 1/2.4
      • Digital Zoom: x32
      • Electronic shutter speed: 1s to 1/10000s
      • ISO Range: 100-3200
      • Video resolution: 4k/FHD/HD
      • Video Format: MP4 (H264)
      • Photo Resolution: Wide: 21MP (84° FOV);
      Rectilinear: up to 16MP (up to 75.5° FOV)
      • Photo Formats: JPEG, DNG (Digital NeGative RAW

      Sensor: FLIR BOSON
      • 320x256 resolution
      • -40°C to +150°C temperature range
      • Thermal Sensitivity: <60mK
      • Photo Format: JPEG
      • Video Format: MP4 (H264)
      • Video Recording Resolution: 1280x720, 9fps

      • 3-camera IR/EO stabilized gimbal:
      - Hybrid: 3-axis
      - Mechanical: 2-axis roll / pitch
      - Electronics (EIS): 3-axis yaw / roll / pitch
      • Controllable gimbal tilt range: -140° to +110°

      • Type: High density LiPo (3 x 4.4 V cells)
      • Capacity: 3400 mAh
      • Battery life: 32 minutes
      • Charing port: USB-C
      • Charges in 2 hours with an USB-PD (Power Delivery)
      charger – not included in the pack
      • Charges in 3 hours 20 minutes with the fast-charging port of
      the provided charger
      • Weight: 195 g
      • Voltage: 11.55 V
      • Max charging power: 30 W

      • Size without device: 238 x 147 x 55 mm
      • Maximum size: 315 x 147 x 55 mm
      • Mass: 610 g / 1.34 lb
      • Transmission system: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
      • Operating frequencies: 2.4 GHz, UNII-1 & UNII-3
      • Direct video stream resolution: 720p
      • Battery capacity: 3,350 mAh 7.2 V
      • 3 h 45 charging time
      • Between 3 h and 6 h battery life (varies according to the device used and its state of charge)
      • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets up to 8’’
      • Ports: 2 x USB-C (charging and connecting), micro-HDMI
      • IP5X certified: dust resistant