Emesent Hovermap LIDAR HF1 and Autonomous Drone Operation

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  • Product Description

      Hovermap is a self-contained payload which includes a rotating LiDAR and on-board processing to analyse the LiDAR data in real-time. It can be mounted to any drone as a passive LiDAR mapping solution or interfaced to compatible drone autopilots (DJI Matrice M200 and M300 Series) to provide advanced autonomous flight capabilities.

      SLAM-based LiDAR Mapping Hovermap utilises Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms instead of heavy and expensive GPS/INS hardware. This allows accurate 3D mapping in GPS-denied environments such as indoors, underground or close to large structures. LiDAR data is logged on-board and post-processed to produce 3D point clouds. The accurate point clouds enable the generation of as-built plans of complex 3D structures or volumetric calculations of earthworks, stock piles or underground mine stopes. Automatic alignment of consecutive scans allows for the detection of small changes between scans.

      Key Features

      • Unique two-in-one plug-and-play payload provides mapping and autonomy
      • No GPS required for mapping 
      • Suitable for night-time or low-light mapping 
      • Rapid Data processing for in-field results

      Additional Features of Autonomous Packages

      • Collision avoidance keeps drone safe while flying close to structures to inspect and map them 
      • GPS-denied flight allows flying indoors, underground or under bridges
      • Spherical Field of View - map and avoid collisions below, above and all-around.

      Lidar Specs

      Lidar range: Up to 100m

      Lidar accuracy:  +/- 3cm

      Angular field of view:  360° x 360°

      Laser safety: Class 1 eye safe

      Data acquisition speed: 300,000 points/sec

      File size: ~300MB/min

      Point cloud file format: .las, .laz, .ply, .dxf

      Input voltage: 12 – 50V (e.g. 4s LiPo)

      Weight: 1.8 kg (3.95 pounds)

      Quick-release mounting mechanism: Yes