RMUS Powerline Inspector Drone®

Build on Watts Prism X8 airframe, the RMUS Powerline Inspector Drone® features the ICI IR Inspector plus payload.


Build on Watts Prism X8 airframe, the RMUS Powerline Inspector Drone® - US Made - LiDAR features the Rock Robotics R2A Sensor and ROCK LiDAR Cloud processing software.

  • Includes Prism X8 aircraft 
  • EchoSky Mobile Ground Control Station with Charger
  • SKB Travel Case with Custom Foam
  • Batteries and chargers for continuous flight operations
  • Rock Robotics R2A Sensor
  • Rock LiDAR Cloud Processing Software 
  • RMUS Configuration and Calibration
  • RMUS Payload Integration

Best Uses

  • Corridor mapping

  • Mining (volume calculation)

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Environmental changes (time series)

  • Forestry

  • Contour mapping

  • Leveling/Excavation

  • Archaeology and cultural heritage

  • Highway construction


RGB Camera

Sony a5100 - 24 MP camera

Operating Conditions

-20˚C to 65˚C

Power Consumption

12.5 Watts

IMU Atitude Acc

<0.006 deg Pitch and roll; < 0.03 deg Heading

IMU Position Acc

0.5cm (PPK); 1cm + 1ppm (RTK)

MAX Points Per Second

720,000 points/s (triple return)

Scan Rate

240,000 pts/s and 3 returns

Field of View

70.4° (Horizontal) ×4.5° (Vertical)


1.30 kg


256 GB Provided (1TB supported)

System Accuracy

± 5 cm

450 m @ 80% reflectivity

260 m @ 20% reflectivity

Scan Range

190 m @ 10% reflectivity

Range Accuracy

± 2 cm

Laser Sensor




RMUS Industrial Inspector Drone® - US Made - LiDAR

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